Hello, Hi, Welcome!

I’m back.  It’s been a long time, but this time I’m back for good.

Or, y’know, until I get bored.  Whichever comes first.

Either way, you might have wondered where I’ve been hiding.  In truth, I just haven’t felt like writing much.  I got into a rut last spring where every time I thought about writing it was one of those personal journey posts and it was always something pretty incremental and navel-gazing.  On the rare occasions I actually sat down to write I would get a paragraph or so in and think, “Wow, this is boring as fuck to me, why would anyone else care?”  So I stopped writing.

It was a good thing, I think.  There’s the old saying, “If you love something let it go.”  I’ve been using writing as an excuse and therapist for too long.  Everything I’ve done, everywhere I’ve gone I’ve been looking around and thinking, “What can I write about this?”  I wasn’t really living my life because I was too busy observing it.  I was also trying way too hard to cram meaning and inspiration into every fucking thing I did.  So I stopped.  I decided I wouldn’t write until I really, really wanted to write.

I decided to re-start the blog in December.  My plan then was to switch to WordPress, then do a big re-launch on January 2nd.  Instead I didn’t do that and passed the New Year with the worst stomach flu I can recall having.  Seriously, it was gross.  So I decided to do something smaller and stick with Typepad.

“But Geds,” you’re undoubtedly saying, “This isn’t Typepad, it’s WordPress.  What gives?”

Thank you for asking.  That’s very polite.  Basically, I had a premium account with Typepad that I canceled.  I was grandfathered in at a lower rate until I did so and now said account is almost twice as much as it used to be.  I wanted to switch to WordPress, anyway, and their premium is cheaper, so here we are.

So there we are.  I’m back, I’m in new digs.  Please pardon the dust while I figure out how it works over here in WordPress land and put some links and whatnot up.

Also, you might notice that I haven’t imported anything from the old digs to the new digs.  I don’t plan to.  If there’s anything on the old blog that I want on the new one I’ll pull it over.  This seems like a good time for a clean slate.

I’m going to handle some business and articulate future plans tomorrow, then we’ll be having some fun.  So, please, stick around.  It’ll be fun, I promise.

6 thoughts on “Hello, Hi, Welcome!

  1. Got the message, followed you here.

    wordpress seems to be the least evil blogging option right now (not owned by Six Apart with its history of broken promises and censorship, not owned by Google).

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