Best Laid Plans

In an attempt to actually get a proper re-launch going with actual content I’ve decided to bring back an old feature: 1434 Fridays.  We’ll be spending our Fridays reveling in the ridiculous notions of one Gavin Menzies, who actually believes that the Chinese kicked off the Renaissance by sailing a massive fleet to Italy and giving the Europeans all the knowledge.  Then everyone decided to cover it all up for about six hundred years.

Why am I bringing this one back?  Well, for one thing, it’s fun.  For another, I enjoy offering a bare minimum of historical content on this here blog, what with it being called “Accidental Historian” and all.

I’m planning on making Liveblogging seaQuest a Monday staple.  Those two plans, along with Second Chances Wednesday, means I’ll have content covered three days a week.  It’s a lot of somewhat low effort, high reward stuff that offers a certain level of variety.

I’m in forced career change mode at the moment.  Since the option of continuing on with my path of paying the bills while gradually self-destructing and pretending I didn’t actually want to do all the things that I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid because I was scared of failing suddenly disappeared that means one of the component of said career change is simple.  I want to convince someone to pay me to write.  I need, then, to have the time and attention to write things that aren’t intended for the blog.  I also need to maintain the blog in the process, too.  I also need a day job for the forseeable future.

This requires some juggling.

I’ll also be expanding content in other directions.  I have a Twitter account that I’ll be doing something with fairly soon (@A_Historian81, if anyone cares).[1]  Maybe.  I’ll probably need a Facebook page, too.  I’m also seriously considering re-starting the Hitler Alternatives Tumblr, since that was hilarious (to me, at least).

Meanwhile, if anyone needs me I’ll be trying to figure out where to go to get people to give me money in exchange for words.


[1]True story: I WAS @geds81 on the Tweety, but then got locked out because I guess I didn’t sign in for a long time or something.  I kept trying to unlock the account and never got the email that was supposed to do the work.  The same thing happened to my original Ticketmaster account.

My new account currently follows exactly one account: @SCGPairings.  I set up a new account specifically so that I could get the pairings at SCG Open Milwaukee.  I figured I should plan to use it for something else eventually, though, so @A_Historian was born…but someone already had it, so I went with @A_Historian81.

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