Ready to Go

2014 was just a shitshow of a year. Let’s get that out of the way. I spent most of it with Al Jazeera America on in the background watching just about everything suck ass. Also, the fact that I spent most of it with Al Jazeera America on in the background is a pretty good indication that I spent most of 2014 on the couch with a TV on, which means that 2014 was a shitshow of a year on a personal level.

2015? Who knows? We’re just a few weeks in. Admittedly it hasn’t shaped up too brilliantly so far, but there’s a lot of time left to get headed down a good track. Of course I now live in a state governed by Bruce Rauner, so my hopes are not high on that front.

Let’s talk blogging for a minute, though. I’ve now been blogging in one form or another for over a decade. I started Accidental Historian back in 2006. Throughout that time I’ve had a, shall we say, contentious relationship with the very notion of blogging. I never really knew what I wanted to do with the space and I always felt like it was something of a waste of time. I don’t really have the time or inclination to be a high brow, academic writer but I also feel like nobody (including me) really gives a shit about my self-indulgent inner journey shit. So what was I to do?

I thought I’d hit on a good formula last year. Then, y’know, shitshow.

So we’re starting 2015 off much like we started 2014 off, but with some minor changes. For one, while I actually really liked the plan to take a book I wrote many years ago and critique it I made a massive, silly mistake. I picked the wrong book. Second Chances required me to spend way more time than I had expected wrestling with how that book reflected on my religious beliefs and my changed (and changing) views of Christianity. I thought that would be a good thing at the time but it ended up being both a distraction and a burden. Fortunately there’s a way to do that series but do it better.

So we’re going to spend our Wednesdays looking at Nightwind, the first volume of the (as-yet unfinished, natch) Earthrise Saga. That’s right, it’s my first-ever novel and my attempt at space opera sci-fi. I literally have not looked at the book in years and I’m currently making this promise without being 100% sure I know where the files even are. Fortunately I still have all of my laptops so I should be able to track down a copy for us to gawk at in the manner of a gaggle of slack-jawed yokels. I’ll also probably do supplemental, “So I guess this is what I was thinking,” pieces, either as quick hits on Wednesdays or longer posts on Thursdays based on, y’know, need.

There will be history content, too. For one I really do want to finish a series I started lo these many months and/or years ago on the Marxist critique of British mercantilism and how it applies to the current right wing jones for free market capitalism. I also want to finish Byzantine Logic. If you know what that is, wow, you’ve been reading this blog for a long-ass time.

Also, too, there will be a new, probably somewhat irregular, series that I’ll start tomorrow.

This time last year I promised new content and fun. Then life got decidedly un-fun and I completely and totally failed to deliver. This year? Who knows. Keep checking in, though. Things will happen. Maybe.

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