Considering the Prophecies of Nostradamus

I’ve always been fascinated by the notion of prophecy. It’s something that has stuck with me since my days in the church trying to understand the strange and unworldly images of the Book of Revelation. While I’m no longer fascinated by the timing of the Second Coming I’m still fascinated by prophecy itself.

This, naturally, means that I’ve been studying Nostradamus of late. While many of his predictive quatrains have been poured over and used to show that he predicted many of the key events of the last two hundred years, from Napolean to Hitler to 9/11, the library of Nostradamus quatrains remains vast and often ignored by the mainstream. I’ve decided to bring some of the more interesting predictions to light.

Quatrain 18-35

A game suspects the desperate origin.
A defined incompetent advises over an appalling defeated.
A generator speaks across a leader.
When can the eminent passenger stomach the mordant copper?

Let’s start with something near and dear to all of us right now. I believe that Nostradamus predicted the economic collapse of 2008. Let’s pull it all apart.

First, “a game suspects the desperate origin,” could very easily apply to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street investment bankers in general. They were playing games with everyone’s wealth and started a time of desperation for many. The “defined incompetent” could be any number of people who did stupid things, like Jaime Dimon of JP Morgan. The “appalling defeated” could easily refer to someone like Bernie Madoff.

I believe that the third and fourth lines then refer to either George W Bush or Barack Obama attempting to use the government to fix the problem. Possibly both. It’s very possible that “the eminent passenger” was the government as a whole having to suck it up and eat the “mordant copper” of the government bailout. It could also refer to the great bankers having to deal with a world where they suddenly had to answer to the government and deal with greater regulation.

Either way, it’s a chilling prediction of economic collapse.

Quatrain 14-8

Every variable disorder applies a miserable attribute.
How will the doctor invert the dinner?
The ingenious teacher guards the nurse.
The uneasy fantasy consents.

I think this has something to do with the Spanish Flu striking Europe in the middle of WWI. It’s a little unclear, but the “variable disorder” seems to indicate several different afflictions at once and there’s a lot of medical imagery. Plus I think that “the ingenious teacher” refers to Woodrow Wilson.  The fantasy could be that it was the “war to end all wars,” which Nostradamus would have known was impossible.

Quatrain 6-95

The ironic mumble tutors the day.
The configured machination bites beneath a swimming beloved.
The mummy retracts inside the device.
A manned orbital reaches.

My theory is that this quatrain predicts the machinery of modern warfare. The machination beneath a swimmer had something to do with submarines. I think that the final two lines about a mummy inside a device and an orbital reach also has something to do with the nuclear missiles current submarines have the ability to launch. It’s possible that this is prediction even points to the beginning of World War III and some sort of pre-emptive nuclear strike.

We should definitely be aware of the possibility.

Quatrain 24-73

The squared cult rots under each turnaround.
The booklet doubts the wrapper.
A fussy battle dictates.
A traveled reign hails the contempt.

I think this has something to do with the freemasons. Their symbol is the square and they’re considered to be a cult by many. The booklet doubting the wrapper probably has something to do with the American Revolution and/or the Constitutional Convention, wherein there were many pamphleteers fighting battles in the newspapers.

As such, I believe that this quatrain is a prediction that the Freemasons would be involved in the formation of the United States. It’s more than a little disturbing that the notion of the Freemasons would bring rot at the very beginning of the American experiment. Given that there’s ample proof that the Freemasons were involved and that most of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons it could be an indication that Nostradamus knew about America’s role in the New World Order.

Quatrain 17-32

Around the drug prosecutes a south hypocrisy.
The advance pauses within an inn.
The relevance speaks on top of the barred wrath.
The sacred oil strikes the wood.

This one fascinates me because it can be nothing other than a prediction of America’s War on Drugs. I mean, it starts out with “drug” and “prosecutes a south hypocrisy.” There’s plenty of hypocrisy inherent in the War on Drugs and they’re all coming from south of the border, after all.

I believe that the “sacred oil strikes the wood” has something to do with the Iran Contra Scandal, wherein we sold weapons to the Contras in Nicaragua and used the money, which was drug money, by the by, to get money to release hostages and further American oil interests in the Middle East.


So I’m sure you’re expecting me to source these Nostradamus quatrains. They come from It’s a random phrase generator. Turns out that you can take absolute gibberish and read any meaning you want into it. I did change a few of the words around and took a couple out, but it was mostly to get rid of any words that seemed too modern.

Either way, it’s a fun game. You should play it some time, too.

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